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Our downstream business is a low-cost North American producer of aluminum rolled products and consists of four rolling mills, including the West plant in Huntingdon, Tennessee, which is recognized as one of the most advanced rolled aluminum production facilities in North America. Our products include heavy gauge foil products such as finstock and semirigid container stock, light gauge converter foils used for packaging applications, consumer foils and light gauge sheet products such as transformer windings and building products.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Policy

We are committed to continual improvement in order to deliver products and services to our internal and external customers in conformance with established requirements and expectations. Click here to see our ISO 9001 Certification.


Norandal USA Inc. (our wholly-owned subsidiary which includes the rolling mills business) was established in 1979 when Noranda, Inc., purchased the Archer aluminum foil plant in Huntingdon, TN. This expanded Noranda’s operations capabilities to include rolled aluminum products. The formation of Norandal U.S.A. Inc. was just the beginning. In 1989, Norandal U.S.A Inc. acquired National Aluminum’s foil business with plant locations in North Carolina and Arkansas. In 1996, Norandal commissioned the world’s first thin-gauge continuous caster at our Huntingdon, Tennessee plant. And in keeping with our vision, strategy and tenacity to be the world’s leader in our field, Norandal put all its resources to work in constructing a $238 million modern foil plant in Huntingdon, which opened for production in January 2001.

Total combined maximum annual production capacity at our rolling mill facilities is 410 to 495 million pounds, depending on production mix.

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