Aerial view of Aluminum Smelter near New Madrid, Missouri

Products & Facilities — New Madrid, Missouri

Noranda Plant

September 3, 2010 — Kip Smith, Noranda's President and CEO (left) and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon (right) shake hands at the announcement of New Madrid's expansion program.

Primary Aluminum Smelter — New Madrid, Missouri


All of our primary aluminum production occurs at our smelter near New Madrid, Missouri. The smelter is fully integrated with its own raw material unloading facility, environmental control systems and aluminum reduction plant, including carbon anode fabrication. The plant site also includes a fabrication facility for the production of continuous cast rod, extrusion billet and foundry ingot.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Policy

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Formed in 1968, our smelter is located at a strategic mid-U.S. distribution point on the west bank of the Mississippi River, five miles south of the City of New Madrid in Southeast Missouri.

The New Madrid complex came into production in four stages: The Rod Mill, supplied with purchased aluminum metal, started initial production in the fall of 1969. First aluminum metal was produced by the Reduction Plant on February 25, 1971. Phase II of the Reduction Plant was completed and metal production started in 1976. Phase III was completed and first metal tapped on July 29, 1983. Further improvements were added in 1999, including the single piece anode project and a second rod mill.

Part of the plant’s metal production is produced for the Rod Mill for conversion into aluminum rod used in the manufacture of electrical conductor products. The balance of metal output is sold to our customers in the form of extrusion billet, foundry ingot, and primary sow.

During the third quarter of 2010, we announced that we had initiated steps to complete a $38 million capital project at New Madrid, which we expect to increase annual metal production by approximately 35 million pounds by mid-2015.

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