Noranda aluminum ingots

Our Company

Our Mission

Our Mission

Every day we build a sustainable, integrated aluminum company founded on growth and successful long-term relationships with our customers, co-workers, suppliers, communities and investors.

Our Sustainable Relationships

Existing for our customers
We create a competitive advantage for our customers through high-quality primary and coiled aluminum products provided on time at a fair value.

Caring for our co-workers
We create for our co-workers and generations to follow the opportunity to have careers. Above all else, we are committed to providing a safe place to work.

Respecting our suppliers
We reward our suppliers with reliable demand for their products and services along with fair financial and professional treatment.

Enriching our communities
We support the communities in which we operate by engaging our employees and the entire community.

Rewarding our investors
We are committed to finding ways to create value for our investors, while maintaining capital investments in our facilities.