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Upstream Business—Primary Aluminum

Our upstream business is a vertically integrated producer of primary aluminum, consisting of a bauxite mine, an alumina refinery and an aluminum smelter.

Noranda Bauxite LTD.

St. Ann Bauxite Mine—St. Ann, JamaicaBauxite Mine—St. Ann, Jamaica—The bauxite mine provides all of the bauxite ore used for the production of alumina at our alumina refinery. In addition, approximately 40% of the bauxite ore produced by St. Ann is supplied to a third party refinery. The current annual production at St. Ann’s is 4.5 million tons of ore.


Noranda Alumina LLC.

Gramercy Alumina Refinery—Gramercy, LAAlumina Refinery—Gramercy, LA—Gramercy processes bauxite, delivered from the bauxite mine in Jamaica, into smelter grade alumina for use in our New Madrid smelter. Gramercy also produces chemical grade alumina sold to third parties in the chemical industry. Current production capacity at the refinery is 1.2 million metric tons per year.


Noranda Aluminum Inc.

Primary Aluminum Smelter—New Madrid, MOPrimary Aluminum Smelter—New Madrid, MO—All of our primary aluminum production occurs at the New Madrid smelter, which produces approximately 263,000 metric tons of primary aluminum annually, at full capacity, accounting for approximately 15% of total 2009 United States primary aluminum production. The smelter, which is located near the midpoint of the Mississippi River, also includes a fabrication facility that converts molten aluminum into value added products such as rod, extrusion billet and foundry ingot.

Downstream Business—Rolling Mills

Norandal USA—Rolling MillsNorandal USA—Rolling Mills—Our downstream business, known as Norandal USA, Inc. is a manufacturer of aluminum foil and light gauge sheet that owns and operates some of the most modern and widest rolling mills in the world. Norandal can purchase metal for its operations from a variety of sources, including our New Madrid smelter, giving it market flexibility. Our rolling mills are located in the southeastern United States, including Huntingdon, TN, Salisbury, NC and Newport, AR, with a combined annual production capacity of 495 million pounds. Our products include heavy gauge foil products such as finstock and semi-rigid container stock, light gauge converter foils used for packaging applications, consumer foils and light gauge sheet products such as transformer windings and building products.

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